The Second Age of Middle-earth was filled with adventure, deception, courage, and battle. It broke the continent and the world of Arda. Find out what took place and which characters and events might feature in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings on Prime.

Project Northmoor will be hosting its first livestream/webinar on September 22nd from the Oxford Centre for Fantasy and has chosen the upcoming Amazon series as the theme. Julia Golding, founder of the centre and author, will be joined by Paula Kalamaras, a fantasy writer and editor, and Tai Truesdell, a film maker and producer. They are all huge Tolkien fans as well and know far too much than is good for them about the Second Age. They will be discussing what happens in the Second Age and what, from the perspective of creatives, might be done with series.

There is a free sign up on the Project Northmoor page on Facebook, and they are inviting people to post questions there. The livestream will be on Facebook and YouTube Times are as follows: 7pm BST, 6pm GMT, 2pm EST, 11AM PST.