Mark Wahlberg–who plays one of the leads in director Peter Jackson’s upcoming supernatural tearjerker The Lovely Bones–told SCI FI Wire that playing Jack Salmon was “by far the best experience I’ve had in my career.” It’s one of several projects the star is working on. The Lovely Bones began as a best-selling novel by Alice Sebold. It is told from the afterlife point of view of a teenage girl who was viciously raped and murdered and follows what happens to her surviving family. Her unsolved death tears the family apart as her father, Jack Salmon, becomes obsessed with vengeance. Superficially, the character bears some resemblance to Wahlberg’s other role, the vengeance-seeking title character in the upcoming supernatural-tinged cop thriller Max Payne. But Walhberg said that Salmon was more emotionally taxing for him as an actor. Wahlberg Talks Bones, Fighter