I normally do not post online petition links, but this one seems fairly straightforward, Jonathan sent this along: I saw that you had a story about the LOTR Conquest server shutdown (See ‘EA To Drop Online Support for LOTR:Conquest’ from Feb 17th). I play that game nonstop, we have spoken to EA and they said if we get 1000 signatures on a petition we could save the game. I was wondering if you could post another story with a link so true LOTR fans could help us out? Here’s the link. We have a semi big community if you want to check it out www.lotrconquest.proboards.com. The shutdown date is March 16th.

From THE CANADIAN PRESS: TORONTO – The most popular game rentals (all platforms) according to Rogers Video for the period ending Jan. 25.

1 Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Xbox 360)
6 Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PlayStation 3)

UK Charts: Wii Fit Holds Off The Lord Of The Rings EA’s The Lord of the Rings: Conquest has become the first new entry of the year in the UK sales charts, with the Xbox 360 version charting at number three in the individual platform chart and the PlayStation 3 version at number 10. Wii Fit remains at number one for the second week, with an 18 percent rise in sales, leading an iron-clad top ten list that sees little movement this week. But most of the rest of the top 40 actually saw a decrease in sales on the previous week, with Wii Play at number two down by 19 percent. UK Charts: Wii Fit Holds Off The Lord Of The Rings

Have you guys seen this new hands-on footage of LOTR: Conquest? It looks insanely fun, this is a hands-on with X=Xplay (G4 TV), and it reveals some new details about the game, such as a plan for lots of downloadable content. The game releases on January 13. Continue reading “LOTR: Conquest Gameplay Footage”

From 1up.com: Originally planned for a December 15 release, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest will now ship January 9, 2009 internationally and January 13, 2009 in the U.S. Brought to you by the same studio that created gamer favorite Star Wars Battlefront, this new take on the battle for Middle-earth is reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings universe that you watched in the films. While waiting for the game to land in retail, Lord of the Rings fans can participate in a “Battle for the Ring” community program where the more active you are, the more “gold” you earn. The social network offers activities and incentives for members to fight against good or evil and earn temporary ownership of the Ring. Prizes are pretty sweet, with the Grand Prize winner (500,000 earned gold) receiving a package that contains a Samsung HT-Z310 Home Theater System, while other prizes range from winning the Xbox 360 version of the game to Microsoft Points. To try your hand at this, just go online and register and see how much gold you can earn.