Adam writes: I rented the new DVD release of “Where the Wild Things Are,” and while sitting through the previews (it wouldn’t let us skip them), we came across an unexpected treat. The last preview before the main DVD menu popped up was a teaser trailer for the new cross-platform next-gen video game, “Lord of the Rings: War in the North.” It was probably about 20 seconds long, but it looked incredible. The entire thing seemed to be a cut-scene featuring a band of humans battling orcs and a troll. At the end was a screen showing the platforms (360, PS3) and a website ( which takes you to WB’s video game site.

Xoanon here, it seems like following the link takes you to the WB’s ‘Aragorn’s Quest’ page with the trailer below. Does this mean Aragorn’s Quest and War in the North are one and the same? Someone with knowledge please drop us a line to let us know! Continue reading “Gaming: WB’s War in the North & Aragorn’s Quest”

From Guardian Unlimited: You always have to be slightly wary of franchise tie-in games releases. More often than not, the licence used is little more than attempt to paper over the fact that the game itself, despite featuring an iconic character or setting, is generic rubbish. Games like Batman: Arkham Asylum that don’t follow this trend are always seen as a bit of a surprise. More..