Bret McKenzie, half of the New Zealand musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords, says his character Lindir in The Hobbit is looking pretty good but doesn’t sing, although he is holding out hope for doing the theme song with Anne Lennox. He told Empire Mazine:

I look much more like a girl in The Hobbit. I look like a hot girl.

The name Figwit of course, is believed to have originated right here at when sharp eyed fans noticed him at the film version of The Council of Elrond and asked, “Frodo Is Great Who Is That?” Whatever the source, the character created such an internet stir that it is rumored to have caused Peter Jackson to give him a line with Arwen in the Return of the King film in a pick-up shot.

McKenzie is his usual entertaining self and you can read the whole article and catch McKenzie in his LOTR glory atEmpire Magazine.