Sunset near Twizel, New Zealand on the day of our story.
TWIZEL, NEW ZEALAND — Not every conversation I had in New Zealand is fair game for publication at If they all were, people would have spoken with me a lot less and a lot less openly or maybe just have not spoken with me at all.

During one such private meeting, a shared photo led to a side conversation that led to a revelation about an act of kindness that hit me, and still hits me, in my core. Somebody I knew, not in New Zealand, had heroically withstood some of life’s trials and others, in New Zealand, had selflessly performed a service for them. I can’t relate the story here because it was unmistakably not an interview situation and even the people on the receiving end of the generosity have kept it to themselves.

I was amazed by the revelation at the time and I was on the road much of the next 24 hours, meaning I was alone with my thoughts; Despite having a lot to ponder, this bit of unselfishness stayed with me for the entire drive when I wasn’t distracted by things like getting lost or finding a place to stay. Continue reading “Unreported acts of kindness from New Zealand”