Barliman's Chat A little earlier, Hall of Fire regulars and guests concluded a lively discussion about the enigma of Idril and Tuor. For those who missed it, here’s a log to peruse. Next weekend, we’ll be returning to The Two Towers and chatting about the chapter “Treebeard”. Continue reading “Log of Hall of Fire’s Idril and Tuor chat”

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Barliman's Chat Tomorrow, Hall of Fire will examine what is arguably the most enigmatic of Tolkien’s three great unions of elves and men — the story of Idril and Tuor.

In those days Tuor felt old age creep upon him, and ever a longing for the deeps of the Sea grew stronger in his heart. Therefore he built a great ship, and he named it Eärrámë, which is Sea-Wing; and with Idril Celebrindal he set sail into the sunset and the West, and came no more into any tale or song. But in after days it was sung that Tuor alone of mortal Men was numbered among the elder race, and was joined with the Noldor, whom he loved; and his fate is sundered from the fate of Men. Continue reading “Hall of Fire tomorrow: the enigma of Idril and Tuor”