The Hobbit on location: public road access
Public Road access to The Hobbit set on the South Island.

Ringer Spy Glow sends us this EXCLUSIVE follow-up set of pictures from the mysterious Hobbit set on the South Island of New Zealand.

What’s there to see? Well, we close get a look at the set itself, and some fascinating detail work that has already gone the construction, plus some stunning wide shots. But what do they look like and what does it all mean? Is it Radagast’s Rhosgobel, or Beorn’s Hall?

To find out you’ll have to join us beyond the cut in SPOILER COUNTRY!

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Hobbiton Set Being RebuiltGotta love the return of our Spies to the wonderful sets of Middle-earth! Ringer Spy Periadoc Took sends in the following report from the Hobbiton set in Matamata:

I was in Matamata this weekend and went to Hobbiton, truth be told I wasn’t extremely surprised to see these upgrades but still a good sign.

Not only have they started putting plywood screens with spraypainted “hobbit hole” openings on them as per these pictures, but as you can see they have also planted new trees that will then be relocated and used for the set, the grass here is what they used for thatching as well during the movies, so once again a great sign of things moving on.

They have also, within the last weeks started strengthening the ground around Bag End and put wooden supports up, it seems things are all getting set for a start sometime of the middle of next year!

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