“Victory after all, I suppose! Well, it seems a very gloomy business.” The Hobbit chapter 18: The Return Journey.

This weekend, TORn’s Hall of Fire returns from the Christmas/New Year break with the penultimate chapter of our Hobbit read-through.

The Battle of the Five Armies is over. All that remains to be tallied is the cost. We’ll explore the fate of the company: do each get what they deserve? Does Thorin truly repent his harsh words at Erebor’s gates? And is Bilbo truly changed by his deeds and adventures? Is he a hero? A survivor? Or something else?

Join us tomorrow, Saturday January 7 at 5pm EST (New York time) when we’ll examine all these questions and more as we discuss The Hobbit chapter 18: The Return Journey! Continue reading “Hall of Fire chats return tomorrow!”

This weekend we continue our examination of the Hobbit with Chapter 3 — A Short Rest. Bilbo and company make their way to Rivendell, where they are greeted by Elrond the “elf friend” and a group of elves who talk in really bad verse.

But where can we see the greater mythology of Middle-earth peeking out through the children’s tale? And apart from the revelation about Thorin’s map, does anything important occur in this chapter? Continue reading “Hall of Fire chats The Hobbit “A Short Rest” this weekend!”

Thorin and company set off. Destination: The Lonely Mountain. Literally shoved out the door by the wizard Gandalf, Bilbo somewhat reluctantly joins them, unaware how doing so will radically change his future — and that of Middle-Earth.

Seeking shelter one rainy night, they blunder into the camp of three trolls. Even worse, the trolls are hungry! Gandalf saves the day in the nick of time, and the Company discover the trolls’ hoard holds some interesting items.

Join us tomorrow Join us tomorrow on Saturday April 2 at 6pm EDT in #thehalloffire on our IRC server (irc.theonering.net) where we’ll delve into the second chapter of the Hobbit “Roast Mutton” and exploring the terms of Bilbo’s “burglary” contract, how does Bilbo fares when faced with the first real danger of the quest, the nature of trolls and the items the Company find in the trolls’ hoard.

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