Galenswerd Swordsong writes: I Just wanted to let you guys know that members of the LOTRO community on the Landroval server have created an awesome video set to the music of Celtic band Fathom. Turbine featured the video on their community spotlight:

“The first time we saw “The Battle of Ballylochlan,” we knew we’d have to spotlight this Celtic masterpiece on a very particular day. Like minstrels of ancient times, Welby and the Lonely Mountain Band wield the arts masterfully, and envelop us in their merriment. Featuring an enthusiastic drum beat, insane Irish piping, and stunning visuals, the movie lets us join them in a St Patrick’s Day themed celebration, on the special day itself. Congratulations again to Welby, and happy St Patrick’s day from the Turbine team!”

The band caught wind of it and now is featuring it on their homepage and plugging LOTRO in their newsletter! Celtic music and LOTR what better combo!? Continue reading “Fan Made ‘The Battle of Ballylochlan’ Video”