News just in from New Zealand that a 6.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked Wellington.  The earthquakes eipcentre was 10 kms south-east of Seddon.  There are unconfirmed reports of damage in Seddon.  We will update when we hear more.

For more information on the strength and location of the quake, GeoNet – Quakes and for live reactions to the quake click here.

Additional reports received from newsagencies in New Zealand are saying there have been several aftershocks

From “A magnitude 5.7 aftershock centred 5km southeast of Seddon and 8km deep hit about six minutes later.

Another large aftershock, magnitude 5.6, struck at 2.45pm. It was centred 15km southeast of Seddon at a depth of 5km.

A quake closer to Wellington struck at 2.50pm. Geonet said the 4.8 magnitude quake was 15km south of the city at a depth of 5km.”  Read more…