David Carradine:  Farewell To a Great Ringer FanHow does one begin when speaking of someone as dynamic as David Carradine? The man stood out as a powerful presence, known as an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien among his friends and fellow film artists. I am struck by his passing.

We originally met David among the crowds of Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I believe it was 2001, but the memory is not an exact science these days. The team of us were putting together a list of luminaries and Tolkien supporters that we thought would like to speak on camera for a project we had called RINGERS: Lord of the Fans, and we walked up to David just as any other engaged fan would come to an autograph table — slightly nervous yet pleased to have a handshake with a performer of such stature. Continue reading “David Carradine: Farewell To a Great Ringer Fan”