Spawn by Todd McFarlane.
Spawn by Todd McFarlane.
Recently at the san Diego Comic-Con we had a brief chat with famed cartoonist Todd McFarlane and asked him whether he thought Tolkien’s work would work in comic book form.

Here’s what Todd had to say:

It’s an interesting question now… and here would be my answer: I think that Peter Jackson has now spoiled us. Right? So up until we actually got to see the movies — I thought in brilliant fashion — that we were just sort of imagining …

I mean there’d been hints … but nothing that had stuck globally. So we [only] had our imagination, and now that Peter’s put that imagination into a sort of footprint, that if you put into comic book [then] to some extent a lot of people would be measuring back up [against the films].

Check out the video below for the complete interview!

Comic writer and artist Josh Edelglass has recently published a series of a dozen or so spoof and parody comics of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey over on his website. They’re really rather clever — go check them out. Just click the comic below to see the rest.

Elijah Wood visited The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to promote his new film ‘9’ and spoke a bit about Comic-Con, the ‘Hobbits,’ Yo Gabba Gabba, being mistaken with Harry Potter and more! (Thanks to Ringer Lossefalme for the heads up. A note to parents, some of the advertising on is a bit post-10pm programming, if you know what we mean!)

Part I:

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Chocolate Fish Cafe to Close? Red Velvet Rose sends along this link to the latest ‘Faux Pas’ comic, where the author shows a little bit of geek cred with this Tolkien reference. Click on the image to read the comic. []

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