Mark Nelson, Editor/Screening Curator, Saturday Fright Special writes: I thought I’d pass along some info about the upcoming event that our NH-based horror host show (SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL, seen on public access stations throughout the country) is putting on next month, shoud you or your readers be interested in attending, or in case you just want to help spread the word.

We’ll be screening a 35 mm print from Universal of the 1962 classic KING KONG VS. GODZILLA on Friday, April 24 at the historic Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH at 7PM. It will be a family-friendly fearsome festivity for all. What is especially exciting about this is that the print that we are screening is BRAND NEW (struck by Universal Pictures specifically for this event) and has never been touched or screened before. In addition to the main feature, we’ll be screening vintage monster movie previews, costumed characters from SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL will be giving away DVDs and T-shirts, and overall creating a retro-fun night in the theater. Continue reading “‘Kong Vs. Godzilla’ Screening”