Alf Seegert, Designer of the board games Bridge Troll, Trollhalla, and The Road to Canterbury writes: You were kind enough to share information about my board game BRIDGE TROLL which came out a couple years ago. I’d be very grateful if you would share news about my brand-new (and even better) Z-Man board game TROLLHALLA. I think Tolkien fans might really enjoy playing trolls once again. This time players get to leave behind their damp and moldy bridges and seek some fresh sea air–and a chance for pillage and plunder on the seas of Trollhalla! Visit or for more info. And finally, here is a link to the Muppet Show clip “Viking Pigs” that inspired the game (just substitute trolls for pigs).

Alf Seegert writes: This week my board game BRIDGE TROLL is being released by Z-Man Games (it was released in Germany last week). I’m a huge Tolkien fan, as is the artist Ryan Laukat, and my hope is that the troll-theme of the game might appeal to other Tolkien-fans as well. (In the game players get to play bridge trolls who eat and extorts travelers who try to cross their bridges). It would be a huge honor if you found this fit to post on! More..