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Posts Tagged ‘4 Tanks and a Healer’

Simone Boyce Interviews Marisa Zakaria About ‘Four Tanks’

Simone Boyce Interviews Marisa Zakaria About ‘Four Tanks and a Healer’. Watch both episodes online now! Episode 1, Episode 2. Thanks to Next-Gen Video Games for the backdrop!

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This Friday! Presents: Four Tanks and a Healer

Episode 1: “In the Beginning” will be posted online Friday, October 14th at 11am Eastern.

“Four Tanks and a Healer” is a funny, two-part series created by filmmaker Larry Longstreth (“The Long, Slow Death of a Twenty-Something”, “Batman’s Gonna Get Shot in the Face”) under the watchful eye of “Lord of the Rings” executive producer, Mark Ordesky. The pilot episodes were created in the hopes that they will one day result in a full-fledged series. Watch the Trailer here.

“Four Tanks and a Healer” is an Adult Swim-style look at the lives these people live, from the sole perspective of their in-game characters. Taking place entirely inside an online roleplaying video game, the series follows a group of misfit gamers as they venture across fantastic landscapes and epic quests, all from the comfort of their real-life computer chairs. (more…)

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