The following event(s) took place in Middle-earth on February 14th:

  • The Mirror of Galadriel (1419)
  • Gandalf returns to life, and lies in a trance (1419)
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February 14, 3019 (S.R. 1419)

1. The Mirror of Galadriel.

(from the appendices)

“With water from the stream Galadriel filled the basin to the brim, and breathed on it, and when the water was still again she spoke. ‘Here is the Mirror of Galadriel,’ she said. ‘I have brought you here so that you may look in it, if you will.'”

(Tolkien, 1965 Ballantine, p. 468 FotR)

2. Gandalf returns to life, and lies in a trance.

(from the appendices)

“‘I was alone, forgotten, without escape upon the hard horn of the world. There I lay staring upward, while the stars wheeled over, and each day was as long as a life-age of the earth.'”

(Tolkien, 1965 Ballantine, p. 135 TT)