Prime Video dropped a new lifestyle promo video chronicling a day in the life of a Lord of the Rings fan, in anticipation of Rings of Power.

Watch the video then ask yourself, does this confirm Ents are in the show? Also was that NIRNAETH ARNOEDIAD, the epic battle with elves & men & dragons?

Nerd of the Rings did an immediate deep-dive into this general TV ad to find many easter eggs including John Howe books, John Howe artwork, and several other callbacks to things that have come before. This may also hint at a theatrical release!

Seen in context of the marketing of Rings of Power, this unheralded video comes 4 months after the Superbowl teaser and 2 weeks after the big Harfoot reveal in EMPIRE magazine, yet still doesn’t reveal ANYTHING about the show. It is a great level-set and reminder of what it’s like being a fan, with many recalling the first time they ever read LOTR after watching this video.

The greatest gift this show can provide is bringing even more people into the books of JRR Tolkien. This Amazon ad aims in that direction.

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