I’ve been thinking a lot about that picture this week. A lot. Have you? You have? Well, that’s a good little Tolkien fan!

While we bask in the glow of the first APME (Amazon Prime Middle-earth) image, what’s going through your mind? You may have read some of our thoughts here, elsewhere, and certainly had your own. A few days later, where are we now?

Waiting. And waiting. And speculating. And lighting up the interwebs with lots of buzz.

In other words, we are right where Amazon wants us to be. Awoken, alert, attentive, and responding like puppies to treats. Personally, I’m okay with that, for now. It was truly inspiring to explore that tantalizing image of Valinor and let our Middle-earth wanderlust venture into the guesswork of what’s happening behind the curtains.

Yet, after the euphoria of that first taste dissipates, I find myself sobering up. This launch has returned to earth.

Friends, it’s way to early to get comfortable or overly excited about what’s coming from Amazon. I personally might be on guard until after the “Season 8” finale is complete for this first series. Nobody wants to be burned by another bad ending.

We are certainly impressed with the artistic chops, vision, and potential scope of storytelling demonstrated in this image. Yet, no matter how sumptuous the visual experience will be, what will mater the most about this series is the writing.

TORn staffer Justin asks, “Is it (the image) true to Tolkien?” Well, so far, it looks like it just might be. Funny thing about us old Tolkien fans, though: razzle and dazzle us, but don’t color too far out of the lines.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. It’s gonna be awhile.

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