Speculated by The Independent, and inspired by a very Hobbity photo from director JA Bayona, one can assume Season 1 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series has concluded New Zealand filming.

Along with the photo, and for those of you without Instagram, Bayona also shared the following comment on his Dec 22nd post:

This is my last photo in New Zealand. I have no words to thank this extraordinary land and its beautiful people for taking me in this last year and a half. My heart feels a little kiwi now and I can’t wait to be back. #newzealand

JA Bayona – Instagram, December 22nd 2020

For those of you catching up, Bayona was announced as both Executive Producer (along with Belén Atienza) for the entirety of the production, as well as Director of two episodes. His departure from Middle-earth … err New Zealand … implies he’s completed these tasks for Season 1. There is no official announcement at this point, so of course this is simply speculation.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least ask the question inspired by the photo. Was the photo shared simply to reference the universally known symbolism of dirty feet and Hobbits? Or was it also a subtle hint at the potential for Hobbits appearing in the show? (pretty sure it is the former) Time will tell! We are excited either way. We expect the Amazon series to arrive sometime in the upcoming year, and we simply cannot wait to go back to Middle-earth! Add into the mix the amazing cast announcements of the past few weeks, and we’re gearing up for something very special.