From comedy and political drama, to large scale productions, Kip Chapman has the skills and range to accomplish whatever is needed of him for Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings inspired series.

This short biography of Chapman is the latest in our daily series highlighting the recent casting announcements.

Kip Chapman is an award-winning writer, director and actor with numerous film, theater and TV credits under his belt. Shortland Street, Top of the Lake and 6 Days, a movie about the 1980s Iranian hostage siege, are highlights from a review of his resume.

Chapman is a well established triple-threat artist, who has shown a tendency to ‘go big’ with stage productions as well. 

Kip Chapman in Apollo 13: Mission Control
Kip Chapman in Apollo 13: Mission Control

One of his biggest projects was as co-creator and performer of an interactive stage show called Apollo 13: Mission Control. The 2008 show recreated the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission – but with audience participation. The idea of this interactive theater piece was to encourage audience members to play along as astronauts, reporters and mission control staff, using consoles and props modeled on the originals at Houston’s Mission Control. The show toured New Zealand and Australia, eventually arriving in the US in 2013.

Kip Chapman in Hudson and Halls LIVE
Kip Chapman in Hudson and Halls Live!

He followed Apollo 13 with the comedic Hudson and Halls Live!, another performance theater show, inspired by the 1980s TV chefs Peter Hudson and David Halls. Like his previous work, this was an immersive show – this time taking place in a 1980s TV studio, complete with live studio audience, and mimicking the eccentric cooking show. Hudson and Halls were known to be a bit chaotic, endearing, and funny, in this camp cooking show which broadcast from 1976 to 1986. They bickered, drank on air, and often struggled to complete the recipes. Chapman’s show emulated the recording of a single episode. 

And from there, Chapman went even bigger, as the Creative Director of the 2017 edition of World of Wearable Art. How big is this event? It averages about 3500 people every night for more than two weeks! The Wearable Art aspect is pretty much costuming on steroids, and it is the job of the Creative Director to make all the sets and environments that these garments can live in – a significant task, to say the least. Above you can see an example of the amazing work that comes out of these shows – specifically Stuart Johnson’s 2002 winning entry ‘Persephone’s Descent.’

Chapman’s breadth of experience makes him perfectly suited for the complexity of Tolkien’s world, and Amazon’s production. While we have no clues from his experience on where he may fit, one could guess Chapman could play a Numenorian, or potentially an Elf. Your guess is as good as ours – time will tell!

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