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The Great Hall of Poets

December 20, 2019 at 12:29 am by Kelvarhin  - 

Welcome to The Great Hall of Poets, our regular monthly feature showcasing the talent of Middle-earth fans. Each month we will feature a small selection of the poems submitted, but we hope you will read all of the poems that we have received here in our Great Hall of Poets.

So come and join us by the hearth and enjoy!

If you have a Tolkien/Middle-earth inspired poem you’d like to share, then send it to  One poem per person may be submitted each month. Please make sure to proofread your work before sending it in. is not responsible for poems posting with spelling or grammatical errors.

Long Roads

by: T. Frye

The long road lies before you,
a far journey to reach your goal.
Miles of endless traveling,
but take comfort, O weary Soul.

Though you may seem from nowhere,
Where you stand and where you’ve been
It’s slow and steady progress,
not a race that you must win.
All short-cuts with little traveling,
lead nowhere in the end.

So, if the road seems long, now.
And the journey much too tough.
Remember, gems and jewels,
are cut from rougher stuff.

And though it’s quite a struggle,
with Apathy a constant foe.
It’s the journey on the longer roads,
that helps your soul to grow.

So stay steady on your journey,
and surely you’ll succeed,
and claim the golden harvest,
where before were only seeds.

Copyright 1999

~~ * ~~

Saruman’s fall from grace

by D.McGlinchey

Oh Grima, Grima, Grima.
What am I to do?
Those ungrateful Horse Lords won’t submit
Now the Ents are rebelling too.
They can’t see I was chosen to rule
They cant see, because their blind!
Oh Grima, Grima, Grima.
What am I to do?

We have an army Master.
Made worthy for our Mordor Lord
We have broke the back of the Horse Kings force.
They lie scattered at the Issen’s ford
Don’t worry Master Saruman.
Grima will come through.
I’ve planted the seeds in the old Kings brain.
Now he’ĺl surely bow to you?

Oh Grima, Grima, Grima.
If only that were true.
They let old Gandalf Stormcrow in and he’s tricked both me and you!
His white light’s pushed me from the door.
He’s brought help to the Golden Hall.
Oh Grima, Grima, Grima.
Fangorn marches to my wall!

What does the Great Eye tell you Lord?
What do your Wizard eyes see?
Does it show the defeat of the Horse Lords host?
Does it show who you promised for me?
I have done as my Master bade me.
I have betrayed both kith and kin.
Now the host is banging at the door.
Should I go and let them in?

Oh Grima, Grima, Grima!
What a worthless worm you are.
You’ve failed in your quest to turn the King
There’s enemies both near and far!
Demanding the keys to the Orthanc tower
Ignoring what the Palantir shows.
The Horse King wants to hang me high
On my gibbet for the sport of crows!

Calm yourself, my Master
There’s still time for us to away.
We’ll take the secret passages out of here.
Long before the light of day.
We’ll start anew now Master
We’ll travel from West to East.
We’ll help the Black Hand conquer all
And revel in the feast!

Oh Grima, Grima, Grima
Your as blind as that walking tree!
You know not of the Dark Lords plans,
He won’t share his throne with me.
I’ll have my revenge, my Wormtongue.
Reaped with blood and fire.
Gather our things now Grima.
We go to repay the Shire!

~~ * ~~

Inner Light

by Freeman Ng

~~ * ~~

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Thranduil Statue

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