Welcome to TORn’s The Return of the King Geeky Observations List 15th Anniversary Redux!

As each of the LotR and Hobbit films were released, we created a Geeky Observations List which ultimately grew into TheOneRing.net’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Geeky Observations Lists. The One Ring Forums — Discussion Board members would share every significant (or insignificant) detail of what they saw in the trailers and films by posting it on the LotR Movie Discussion Board and on The Hobbit Discussion Board where they were gathered up and added to the lists.

These links will take you to our previous Redux that also explains the history of the Lists:

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Here are some examples of the RotK Observations (lists do not include pictures):

-When Déagol beaches himself from the river, the boat is pulled up on shore and empty (Sméagol followed Déagol down river) giving the impression that Sméagol is running up and down the shore looking for him.



-Gandalf’s cape is hanging on the wall with his staff leaning in the corner nearby. Aragorn’s sword is to the far left leaning against the wall.



-You can see Gandalf’s mark (diamond shape with circle inside) etched in the leather belt of his scabbard when he’s sleeping.


These past 15 years have gone by so quickly!  It won’t be long before we celebrate the Redux of The Hobbit!  Stay tuned…