One of the things I love the most in my collection are all the behind the scene books, art books, making of type books. It’s so much fun getting a chance to see the process of how these fantastic films were brought to life. Our friends at Weta have a brand new book that fits this genre of book with the Middle-earth: From Script to Screen. This 512 page book covers the world building Sir Peter Jackson and the crew at Weta did to build what we saw in both The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as well as The Hobbit Trilogy. Written by Daniel Falconer with assistance by our own Happy Hobbit Kili (done under her pen name KM Rice) this richly illustrated with thousands of film frames, concept art and behind-the-scenes imagery, many previously unseen, Middle-earth: From Script to Screen follows in the footsteps of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, visiting the realms and landscapes of Middle-earth and uncovering their secrets. You can Pre-Order this fantastic book right now for $75, and if you do so straight from Weta you will receive a set of exclusive prop replica set dressings by 3Foot7 Calligrapher Daniel Reeve.

In other Weta news, as we’ve mentioned before the 1:4 helm line is back and doing fantastic. All previous helms are sold out and with only 750 piece edition sizes for these next two they will sell out soon as well. Created by Dave Tremont the Mirkwood Elf Helm gives fans a chance to own a piece of armor representing the Mirkwood Elves from The Hobbit Trilogy. Also created by Dave Tremont the new Gundabad Orc Helm captures very different style of armor the Orcs of The Hobbit had from their The Lord of the Rings counterparts. Both helms are simply fantastic and are great additions to any collection. Both can be Pre-Ordered right now for $79.