lotrLast week we teamed up with our friends at HarperCollins to give away 10 of their amazing The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy coloring books.

Now, after all the ping pong balls have landed, we’re happy to announce the 10 lucky fans who will be getting a copy delivered to their doors. There are 6 winners from the United States and 4 winners from other areas of the globe. We want to thank HarperCollins for allowing us to give these away and for including the Ringers who don’t live in the United States.

The Winners are:

Kevin B. of Gaithersburg, MD

Jason T. of Sydney, Australia

Joyce B. of Divide, CO

Martin T. of Malmo, Sweden

Susan W. of Middlebourough, MA

Paul C. of the Phillipines

Teresa B. of Doylestown, PA

Katherine D. of Ocala, FL

Michele K. of West Richland, WA

Alastair T of Scotland