BTFtreeLogoReworkedHobbits for Kids in Care is an initiative of The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship in Queensland Australia.

Their aim is to donate  Hobbit Books to  present as gifts to children who are in Foster and Statutory Care. They aim to achieve a target of 1500 Hobbit Books before October 15, 2016. The books will be presented at their Annual Dinner Dance to The Pyjama Foundation.

How can you help?

Purchase a Hobbit Book and post it to The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. (See address below)

Purchase on line and forward directly to The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. (Via the same address below)

Please ensure they are English publications of The Hobbit.

If you wish to donate more than one book, that is most welcome.

Thank you to all our Hobbit friends around the world.

Postal Address:

Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

P.O. Box 323

Everton Park  Queensland 4053


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The Pyjama Foundation helps bring some quality and normality to the lives of over1300 children in foster care from Cairns to Melbourne in Australia.

The Pyjama Foundation, provides children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence. Through the Love of Learning program, volunteers called ‘Pyjama Angels’ are recruited, screened, trained and then matched with a child in care and spend time with them once a week, focusing on learning-based activities. Pyjama Angels read books aloud with their child, play educational games and help children with their homework. Most importantly, the volunteers give foster children a chance to reach their life potential, despite a fragile start. Children in care have the lowest education outcomes nationally. By improving their learning skills, The Pyjama Foundation is making a positive, life-long impact.

Visit their website to learn more about their wonderful work… fountation