FTKdSdIzLTf_7XC_3chcvY_mNaoCqfc5f4Pc3ezmqkuigtQMSOKKQBmuM7ylJwOb7SIm=w1440-h900-no Artist John Cockshaw — whose fabulous art we’ve profiled here before — writes to tell us of his latest Tolkien-inspired Art exhibition that launches this Saturday (February 27) in North Yorkshire in the UK.

The exhibition, titled “Dales of a Perilous Realm”, will run at Mill Bridge Gallery in the scenic Yorkshire Dales town of Skipton until until April 9.

John writes:

The exhibition is a solo show of work inspired by the powerful landscape writing of JRR Tolkien in his realisation of Middle-earth, and also features a collaboration with Archaeologist Shaun Richardson who provides some invented, or sub-creation, archaeological studies based on Weathertop that also draw upon reference to the local landscape of The Yorkshire Dales.

The title of the show is a play on words referencing “Tales from the Perilous Realm” and really highlights how I’ve drawn two points of influence together; a loving tribute to the Yorkshire landscape in combination with an in depth study of Tolkien’s landscape writing. JRR Tolkien was based nearby in Leeds in the early 20thC and although this show is well-placed to this aspect of Tolkien’s past there is no suggestion at all that Yorkshire ever played a part in inspiring Middle-earth.

In the video below, John offers a behind-the-scenes look at the installation and some thoughts on how this installation came about. Check it out!