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Sacrifice of the Evenstar

by I. Salogel

Her hair with moonbeams woven through
Was shining in the night.
And in her ancient, lovely eyes
There shone a starry light.

Her hands were intertwining
With a man’s, both kind and strong.
A Ranger of the western lands,
Smitten by Elven song.

His stature was of kings of old,
Though cloak was poor of cloth.
But their love shone out the brightest
And they plighted there their troth.

There she made her sacrifice,
The fair Undómiel.
Forsaking all her people
So that she with him might dwell.

~~ * ~~

Bilbo’s Last Song

By Eruanna Undomiel

Snow falls today
King sleep’s on Durin’s Day
People of Dale will roar
And the eagles will soar

We go over rock
We keep our secrets locked
We can’t hide from the dark
Our desires gives us a scarred mark

Though our hopes will never fail
We’ll set west and sail
My friends will be at the other side
And we Baggines never change our minds

Sons of Men will fight
Dragons will die tonight
My story does not start here
But these tales will give you tears

Please do not cry
When there’s peace, there’s a sigh
When there’s hope, it does not die
But there is no such thing as goodbye

Spring sprouts tonight
The king rises from the starry night
People of Gondor will never mourn
And our hearts will never be torn

~~ * ~~