Fathom Events has come out with a trailer for the special showings of all three Hobbit extended editions in early October. The trailer, which is 2 minutes, 19 seconds long, contains shots from all three EEs, including The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Needless to say… spoilers ahead!


The Fathom Events trailer shows only a few seconds of new material sandwiched in between familiar scenes from the theatrical release. However, a quick eye can catch some tantalizing hints about some of the new material. Some of what the sharp-eyed members of our Hobbit Movie discussion forum are buzzing about are listed below (spoiler warning!):

– A new entrance for Dain

– The chariot race on the ice

– Bard jumping across roofs in Lake-town

– A battle Troll with a catapult on his back, getting ready to fire a huge rock

– A new shot of the Elven army stringing their bows, pointing at the Lonely Mountain

– Legolas being carried upside-down under a bat

– The Gundabad army lowering their spears


In addition to the glimpses listed above, it’s intriguing that the narrator mentions “over 20 minutes of new and extended scenes.” Since we know the new cut is 20 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, this likely means that some old scenes will be replaced by new ones, such as Dain’s entrance mentioned above. The preponderance of new and extended scenes from the actual battle itself may also be a good indicator that increased violence is, in fact, the reason for the “R” rating for the BotFA extended edition. At the very least, the trailer exponentially increases the excitement that’s building for the EE showings on the big screen, and will give us a lot to discuss in the weeks ahead!