To celebrate the release today (in some countries) of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – or perhaps to give some consolation to those who have to wait to bring home their DVD! – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have made some cute infographics. In addition to the EXCLUSIVE one we shared yesterday, here’s a little clarity for anyone still wondering just exactly which creatures are in those five armies:


And here’s a overview of all three movies, now available as a box set:


For those still waiting for this release – we feel your pain! In the US, you can buy the three disc ‘combo pack’ here.  Two disc (DVD, extras and Ultraviolet version) available here. If you just want a digital download of the film, you can buy that here.

For the box sets of the complete Hobbit trilogy, click here for the 9 disc Blu-ray version. Click here for the 3 disc DVD version.