one last party legion hallAs the funding goal for The One Last Party draws closer, and it looks like we may indeed be able to celebrate this fandom with one last, big, hurrah, we realize that lots of folks are taking the bold step of venturing out their door alone on this mission… quest… thing…

So, for those people coming to The One Last Party alone, here are our top tips and advice to make your trip more fun!

1. DON’T PANIC! (Sorry, borrowing from another fandom there!) MANY of your TORn friends – they are already your friends, even if you have yet to meet them – have taken this step before, venturing out alone, but soon finding themselves surrounded by excellent and admirable fellow fans, who have become cherished companions.

2. If you’re looking to share a hotel room with someone, try posting in the ‘TORn Moots and Other Events’ area of the Message Boards.  Start a thread or respond to one – there may already be posts about hotel rooms there. You could also leave a post at the Facebook event page for The One Last Party – see more on that below!

3. If you just would like to know who a few people are – maybe exchange phone numbers – before you head to Hollywood, the suggestions in point 2 also apply. Check out the Facebook Event page – we hope that will be a good online meeting place for people, where they can share the excitement as we all get ready to party together. You’ll have new friends before you even arrive in LA!

one last party legion hall 44. Don’t fret over what to wear. Dress code for the event is formal or costumes – it is Oscar weekend, after all! This is a chance to wear your red carpet finery – or your pointy ears! In simple terms, it means tuxedos for men and long dresses for women; but there are lots of possibilities! Gents, got a wonderful suit but not a tuxedo? No problem! Ladies, want to wear a cocktail dress so you can dance without tripping over your elven train? That works! Bearded dwarf women, glamorous elves, ladies in tuxedos – it’s all good!  So long as you embrace the opportunity to don your glad rags – whatever form they may take! – you’ll look splendid.

5. Should you arrive at the party still not knowing anyone, don’t be afraid to chat to folks in line – for admission, for dinner, for photo ops! You already have a lot in common with these people! Find out how long they’ve been fans, or when they first discovered – or share a good moan about the parts of the movies you DON’T enjoy. Nothing builds bonds quite like shared dislikes!

6. Once you get to that photo op moment, invite a stranger to share your barrel! Your fellow Barrel Rider may become your new best friend – and now you have a photo of the moment you met!

7. When it comes to dinner, no seats are reserved! We’ll all be feasting like hobbits and moving around to see what else is going on, so don’t be afraid to grab a seat and start a conversation – just maybe try to have slightly better table manners than the dwarves…

one last party legion hall38. Don’t be shy, Samwise Gamgee!  Instead of just having another pint of ale, get up and dance! You may find your Rosie Cotton on the dance floor…

9. It’s ok to be a book lover, a movie lover, a Rankin/Bass fan or a relative newbie to the world of Tolkien’s words! Anything goes – Ringers come in all shapes and forms, from all nations and all backgrounds, and that’s one of the things which is so great about the fandom.

10. Don’t forget your pocket handkerchief! It’s an exciting business, going out of your door – there is no knowing where you might be swept off to…



One Last Party fundraiser!

one last party logo Our One Last Party fundraiser on Indiegogo is almost 90% funded and we’re pretty stoked!

If you’d like to join us as a Party of Special Magnificence in Hollywood in February — a toast to all SIX Middle-earth movies, then now is the time to throw in your support! Even if you can’t make it to Hollywood (or if you’ve already contributed), you can help out by retweeting or sharing our fundraiser across social media to get the word out.

Visit our campaign page to see how you can help — so we can all celebrate Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies together!