hobbit-subscribers-cover Peter Jackson is the editor for the new, upcoming issue of Empire which is being released next week.

“Empire likes movies, and for that reason I have always liked Empire. As Editor-In-Chief for this issue, it’s certainly been an interesting experience — signing off pages and approving photo shoots for Empire, at the same time as I’m signing off visual effects shots and approving sound mixes for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies.

Coming to the end of such an unexpected, unforgettable journey fills me with a mixture of pride, relief, sadness, fun and satisfaction. Middle-earth is such a fascinating, rich world to explore and one that never leaves you, even if you leave it.”

The magazine is also promising a series of teasers over coming days over on EmpireOnline.com. Yesterday, there was Jackson himself and the subscribers’ cover; today, there’s a behind-the-scenes shot that proves why Richard Armitage is the king.


Richard Armitage as Thorin fights at Ravenhill.

The magazine is out on newsagents’ shelves next week — starting November 27. To subscribe, and grab that special subscriber edition cover (see the image at top-right), head here.