XXX HOBBIT-BATTLE-FIVE-ARMIES-MOV-JY-1157-.JPG A ENT Our staff have been doing a little bit of digging through the various movie tie-in books that have just been released for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and have come up with a few more nuggets of gold to keep us all thinking.

As usual, here’s your movie spoiler space!

Jude Fisher’s Visual Companion

  • Goblins may appear in The Battle of Five Armies? The book talks about the Goblins of the Misty Mountains hating the sun and needing manufactured night if they are to fight.
  • Different types of trolls that appear in The Battle of Five Armies: Snow Trolls (only before seen in a Lord of the Rings video game), Cave Trolls, and Olog-hai.
  • Thranduil designed the necklace of gems that the dwarves withhold for his wife, and ‘in his mind it was the last thing he owned that reminded him of his dead wife’.


The Movie Story Book

  • Tauriel and Legolas will help the Lake-town folk regroup before heading North.
  • Tauriel leaves the dwarves on the shores of the lake, to join Legolas on ‘urgent business in the North’. [Analysis: so is that actually Bard’s white horse riding away from Erebor in the trailer, rather than Tauriel’s?]
  • Sauron is ‘keeping his prisoner [Gandalf] alive to seek out the truth as to who holds the three Elven Rings of power’.
  • The book names the necklace Thranduil wants back from Thorin as ‘the Gems of Lasgalen’. It is not the Nauglamir, just some ‘gems of the greenleaves’.
  • Thorin believes one of the company of dwarves has stolen the Arkenstone.
  • Bolg is referred to as ‘the spawn of Azog the Defiler’. This may be the first PJverse confirmation that, as in the book, Bolg is Azog’s son.


Brian Sibley’s Official Movie Guide

  • It took the team at Weta six months to digitally paint Smaug.
  • The reason Bilbo takes off the Ring is because Smaug felt the ring. Smaug is such a powerful creature it doesn’t make sense he wouldn’t feel it. They also did it because the audience might get bored if Bilbo remained too long in “Ringworld”.
  • Smaug and Sauron were not in an alliance. Yet…
  • Hugo Weaving had nicknames for folks. He was Elrondo, Sir Ian was Gandy, Cate was Gladys.
  • Sauron tries to tempt Galadriel in Dol Guldur. We get to see her full power during these sequences. She also uses Black Speech to talk back to Sauron during this scene.
  • We will see new creatures such as burrowing serpent-like worms, giant shrews, and moles.