Peter Jackson stands on the set of Lake-Town
Peter Jackson stands on the set of Lake-Town
Director Peter Jackson chatted with New Zealand media the other week about The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies… and what he (and Wingnut Films) plans to do after it’s all over.

Apparently he’s pretty busy right now though. Unsurprising!

… we have about two weeks to finish the film off, and there’s 22 hours a day at work and I get about two or three hours a sleep at night.

So it is pretty full-on at the moment and hard to extrapolate. I’ll be delighted when it’s finished, I can tell you that. Absolutely thrilled. But obviously there will be a bittersweet quality to it.

Radio New Zealand News published this back on November 6 (there’s lots of news at the moment). So it means that The Hobbit may be complete and in the can around the end of next week.

Jackson says he’s also still keen to pursue the WWII story Dambusters (yay!). He also expressed a desire to focus more on New Zealand stories: “there’s other Kiwi stories that Fran and I have been wanting to get onto screen for a long time.”