minas tirith 1 Ringer Peter writes to tell us of a push on the website Lego Ideas to get the toymaker to develop and produce an LOTR Minas Tirith set.

Lego Ideas is an initiative by the Lego company that allows fans and collectors to propose ideas for sets, and if they gather sufficient support, have them evaluated by a review board for their commercial potential.

One Lego fan, NujuMetru, has developed a proposal for a Minas Tirith set. not only does it look great (just check the pics below) it’s already gathered more than 6,000 of the 10,000 supporters required to move to the review stage.

It’s also getting notice and praise from Lego staff, who recently selected it as a “Staff Pick” and features it on their front page.

This LEGO Lord of the Rings fan can’t say “no” to this project! After all, who wouldn’t want to be a “steward” and have a beauty like this sitting next to the LEGO Tower of Orthanc? You’ve recreated The City of Kings in a way that holds true to its majesty and makes it manageable as a potential product, great job.

You can check it out, and add your support, here.