I’ve been a bit out of the Hobbit movies loop since the arrival of the teaser trailer back in July. However, it seems that Warner Bros. has just decided to drag itself out of hibernation (and me with it) and has begun releasing a series of gritty, close-up character posters. I suspect that sort of look will be the continuing theme of this series — and probably is a good hint of the tenor of the last film.

The main one-sheet this time round is a determined-looking Bilbo pointing Sting at someone or something. A high-resolution version has just dropped into my lap, and since folks tend to enjoy seeing these things in the big pixels, here’s a clean version of the poster below.

I noted a fireball flying through the air. It seems that someone may be bringing some siege weapons to BOFA. Not sure what the structure on the right behind Bilbo is: even at max-resolution it’s still a bit indistinct. A tower of some sort above a gate, perhaps.

Click to embiggen to max-res (around 2k pixels x 4k pixels) and all that.


High-res international version | High-res domestic version