BilboBOTFAPosterFollowing the release of the main one-sheet yesterday evening, fans of ‘The Hobbit Trilogy’ across the globe were given the chance to vote on social media as to which brand new character poster was released next for THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES.

The votes are in, and Warner Bros UK Entertainment is pleased to make available the new character poster for Gandalf!


A new vote is now underway for another reveal tomorrow – visit The Hobbit Trilogy Official Facebook Page to cast your vote for Tauriel or Galadriel.
And the winner was… Galadriel
Next up the vote is between Daddy and Son, Vote Thranduil or Vote Legolas on The Hobbit Trilogy Official Facebook Page
And the winner was… Legolas (though it does look like they’ve just reused an old image from DoS, what do you think?)
Next it’s a slap-down between Bilbo and Bard on The Hobbit Trilogy Official Facebook Page
And the winner was Bard


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