TolAnduniePremierePartyHawaiian Ringers and all Ringer fans heading to Hawaii this November, Old Toby of Tol Andúnë (The Hawaii Tolkien Society) has written to tell us about their Premiere Party on November 30, 2014.

Aloha from Hawaii! The Hawaii Tolkien Society, known as Tol Andúnë, is proud to announce our very own premier party in celebration not only of the last film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, but of all the Hobbit films put together!

We are calling it The Hobbit: There and Back Again Premier Party. It will be held here in Honolulu Hawaii on Sunday November 30th. We will be having a buffet lunch, trivia games, door prizes, live music, a costume contest, and all manner of merriment! The grand prize is The Arkenstone of Thrain! Reservations are required, and the deadline for our receiving them is Sept. 30th. Folks who would like more information or would like me to send them the official announcement with detailed info and the reservation form may contact me at: Please be sure to put “Attn: Shalane” in the subject line.