Teaser Trailer Monday is what the Warner Bros. marketing brainstrust wants to call it, and it’s happening tomorrow at Midday PT/3pm ET. But what’s that in YOUR timezone, you ask?

Follow this link to work out when the trailer will debut in YOUR timezone.

teaser teaser

Warner Bros. UK has also uploaded a higher resolution (up to 1080p) version of the pre-teaser to their Youtube channel. It reveals some nice detail. Check it out below, plus our screencaps at the bottom (if you’re avoiding spoiler discussions, you might want to skip the screencaps).

We’re still finding the concept of a teaser for the teaser for the actual movie kinda hilarious.

Screencaps and spoiler discussion!

Lake-town refugees

hobbit 3 refugees

In the background, Lake-town has burnt to the waterline. there’s nothing left but ashen piles. The refugees are heading where? Could it be the camp that we’ve seen in this photo?

Also, there’s a similarity in feel to the Rohirrim refugee train that we see in the Jackson film for The Two Towers. They were attacked in transit to Helm’s Deep. Will this group be also?

Bilbo stares
bilbo looks

While the dwarves of the Company talk behind him, Bilbo stares at something that is causing him deep, deep alarm. What could it be? An approaching army? But if so, which one?

They are outside the mountain. In fact, the ruined structure above Bilbo’s right shoulder could be part of the outskirts of Dale. Does the Company take refuge there, waiting to see what happens? Remember the Ravenhill section from the novel…

Gandalf commands

gandalf elves

Gandalf (bearing Radagast’s staff!) commands a detachment of Mirkwood elves. I think they’re mirkwood elves. The snow on the ground offers a natural conclusion that this is near Erebor, rather than at Dol Guldur.

The question is, what are they staring up at? An army of bats, orcs and wargs? Dain and his posse of boar-riding dwarves?

If it’s the latter, it might be that Gandalf is intervening to prevent a terrible and inadvertent conflict, per the novel. We shall see, I guess!

Azog’s army of orcs


An army of heavily armoured orcs moves through rocky country. Atop an outcrop of stone, Azog urges them onward toward their destination — presumably Erebor.

Again, there’s a certain resemblance to a famous scene in The Two Towers where a massive Uruk waves its fellows into battle as they prepare to storm the Deeping Wall of Helm’s Deep.

Bard charges


Bard, bearing the sword of Girion, leads Lake-towners into battle at Dale. This is either a skirmish before the large battle, or the beginning of the battle itself. Hard to say, although one would think the battle proper would not occur in such narrow confines.

Others have already pointed out the callback to Aragorn charging with Anduril in a high position over his right shoulder. You really can (leading the Dead) take your pick (leading the Lorien elves at HD) of which instance (at the Black Gate of Mordor) it resembles the most.