tumblr_mvwwq3Iay01sml467o4_1280 Our Russian friends at Henneth-annun.ru have some additional information about the long-awaited trailer for the final Hobbit film.

Their inside source says that the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies contains just four spoken phrases. Four sentences only.

If true, here are two possibilities: the trailer is more of a teaser length, or it’s going to be more epic, and more serious than anyone has previously considered.

Which brings us to another snippet courtesy of our own source, who reckons that it’s going to make us all cry.

Now that sounds like some trailer.


BOOTNOTE: since the question is inevitable… we have no further news on a release date. Right now, we’re keeping an eye on the Alberta film and trailer classification website, and the British Board of Film Classification, and waiting to hear an announcement.