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The Departure of Samwise into the West

by Nomad1420

The silent hill stood lonely in the dimness of the eve
When master Samwise Gamgee left in search of Havens Grey
His Rosie had departed since, and longing for reprieve
He slowly walked along the road, remembering the way

His mind began to drift to pleasant images he’d seen
Recalling friendships past and wondering where they had gone
He thought of Elrond’s valley and Lothlorien’s many greens
While traveling down the road beneath a melancholy dawn

‘Twas there midway into his journey, sounds came from behind
Of horses wildly galloping and voices clear in song
He turned and then his eyes began to well for in his mind
He much desired to see his friends before his journey long

Then two ponies came around the corner at a trot
‘Twas Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took in grand array
They both came riding up to Samwise for whom they had sought
And to his great delight they fellowshipped with him that day

“Young Frodo lad had tipped us off that you were leaving us,”
Said Pippin with a glare that would have made an Uruk shrink
The three embraced and laughed and cried, they walked until the dusk
Then sat upon the roadside, made a fire and shared a drink.

They didn’t speak of victories or losses or of war
They spoke no word about the pains they suffered in the past
They reminisced and Sam would often quote some elvish lore
They talked about the harvest and if Autumn’s cool would last

They simply, and in hobbit fashion, spoke of hobbit life
They pondered on the quality of next year’s weed and beer
Would Rosie lass accept and become Bingo Proudfoot’s wife?
Then Sam began to weep for he would miss those things so dear

They all were weary from the walk and drifted off to sleep
The new moon hung above them and the stars shone clear and bright
They dreamed of towers and of battles, waters dark and deep
For still their memories held terrors darker than the night

But morning light began to shine, forgotten dreams all gone
Without a word they packed and headed down the Elvish road
And finally before them stood the Havens in the dawn
A white ship gleaming beckoned Sam and there Samwise abode

The ship passed out of sight and took the Straight Way to the west
Then Merry stared and Pippin wept but smiles stood on their face
They mounted two young ponies, singing songs and making jest
Pippin spurred his pony on then, picking up the pace.


Folly’s Last Stand

by The Grey Elf

Feverish wiles
crackle in a sulfurous brain

Flesh flambé
excites hunger unreined

Flickery tongue
gloats with red-hot barbs tormenting

Flaming ego
fuels a pyro’s spleen

Fracking rages
mine the faults of a kingdom cold

Ferreous scales
hide a heart of gold

Filthy riches
possess a blood-anointed king

Forbidding oaths
fly on gargoyle wings

Fate’s arrow
pricks like lightning and burns a mortal brand

Fabled pride
snuffs out at
Folly’s last stand


“Witness of My Dreams”

by Lady Arwen

In Valinor , up in Elerrína’s green
from above I stare down at Middle-Earth
There by the wind I honor the world beneath
with a breath I feel my home of birth.

Home, home of the love inside me
home of my eternal being
All the things I believe…

O’ Nénar , O’ Soronúmë , my Elven stars
back to my world , Elvenhome I returned
With teary eyes I touch flowers and the leaves,
enchanted by the magic being reborned.

Being, being of the Eldar
Being of the folken-Star
As it was my memories …

Singing and dancing by the Lórellin
The leaves on the water , the faces in light
Rána and the Stars covering all over the land
And the Valar watching, over the Music bright.

Music, Music of the Creation of Arda
Music of Manwë and Aulë and Varda
All the Ainúr who sang the Song…

Then I heard there of Ilúvatar The One
“Behold! Give this witness to those thee trust
Sing them the song of the Glory of the Elves
And make them belive they will never be lost.“

Witness is, witness of all you dreamed
Witness is, your fate as it deemed
forever with Eärendil…

Then all the Land stood silent
And the Elves ended their song
I woke with wonder, and my witness
was a Silmaril from the Ages of long.