NorfolkDragonHedgeMessage board member Greenwood Hobbit has shared this story on our message boards  about John Brooker from Norfolk UK  who has spent the last ten years turning his hedge into a 100 foot long Dragon. GH also felt that Mr Brooker has a striking resemblance to Gandalf.  We think his Dragon is amazing.

From Yahoo News UK:

Dedicated gardener spends 10 years trimming garden hedge into fearsome 100ft dragon

John Brooker’s creation in King’s Lynn often frightens local ramblers

Dedicated gardener John Brooker has spent a decade making his outdoor masterpiece – a giant hedge sculpted into a 100ft long dragon.

John, 75, who lives in a cottage in the grounds of Frizzleton Farm near King’s Lynn in Norfolk, carefully clipped his hedgerow into a huge fairytale monster, complete with six legs, wings and pointed teeth.

He spends hours trimming the 20ft high hedge to keep it in shape, and has added extra details like flared nostrils over the years.

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