IMG_7333 copyAsmus Toys has been churning out lots of figures in their 1:6th action figure line for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. We’re pleased to share the next awesome figure that you can find for pre-order right now from various retailers. The latest figure – or I should say figures – Middle-earth fans can add to their collection is one of Sauron’s most trusted servants, the Nazgul. If that’s not enough for you, fans can also order a 1:6th scale Nazgul Steed that your Ringwraith can fit on, to recreate the methodical tracking down of Frodo and The One Ring. The Ringwraith comes in at a price of $130 by itself, Horse $150 by itself, and if you want both, deals can be had for $250. All of these items will be out by quarter four of this year, and we will update this post as we find deals for Middle-earth fans.

Break down of the Ringwraith Figure:

  •  KAUSTIC PLASTIK KP01A+ male body
  • Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Over 36 points of articulation



  • One pair of shoulder plates
  • One pair of bicep armor
  • One pair of forearm armor
  • One pair of thigh armor
  • One pair of calf armor
  • One pair of foot armor
  • One pair of articulated feet
  • One pair of fists in armor
  • One pair of relaxed posture hands in armor
  • One pair of weapon holding hands in armor



  • One black hood
  • One long-sleeved undervest
  • One pair of  long underpants
  • One black inner garment with weathering effects
  • One black long ripped cloak with weathering effects
  • One belt plus sheath holder



  • One Witch-king sword
  • One sword sheath
  • One  Morgul blade



  • One Asmus Toys figure stand


Breakdown of the Nazgul Steed:

  • Switch controlled light up LED eyes
  • Pile coating fur texture imitation
  • Chaotic Nazgul steed head sculpt
  • Nazgul steed reins and gear
  • Custom diorama base



  • 15 movable articulations
  •  Real implanted hair and tail