thefinals2014 In what is possibly of the biggest boilovers imaginable, Middle-earth March Madness for 2014 has come down to a father-son battle for the title honours!

That’s right: it’s a Thranduil vs Legolas final.

After a very slow semi-final start, Thranduil clawed his way back through the field to eventually topple Aragorn out of the contest, while Legolas and Thorin waged a neck-and-neck battle for quite some time before the former pulled away in the vote.

In all 37,000 votes were cast in the semi-final.

Now we’re left with the ultimate Elven question: who really is the prettiest? (just joking!)

It’s a tough choice though: Legolas might be one of the Nine Walkers and a member of the Fellowship if the Ring, but Thranduil has reigned over Mirkwood for more than 3,400 years.

There can only be one (as they say in Highlander). So cast your vote now!

Voting closes 10pm ET on April 7. Happy Voting!

Download the Brackets! [Final Four][Elite Eight][Round 4] [Round 3] [Round 2] [Round 1]


March Madness is all for fun and the criteria for voting is left to each individual. So everyone will have their own reasons for voting and that’s Okay! 🙂

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