J  R  R Tolkien This is a nice little photo-essay that provides some insights into Tolkien’s inspirations and influences for Lord Of The Rings — and his other writings. It’s based on the National Geographic series Beylond the Movie and includes a number of quotes from Tolkien scholar John Garth, who is probably the leading authority on Tolkien’s war service.

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One of the most epic tales in modern literature, J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” has enthralled readers for nearly 60 years with triumphant themes of courage and friendship but also destruction and war.

While Tolkien always denied direct parallels to history, his early life and experiences during both World Wars greatly influenced his writing, inspiring an intense love of nature and a deep distrust of that which destroys it — industry and war.

In its Beyond The Movie series, National Geographic explored Tolkien’s influences, speaking to scholars as well as those who knew him personally.

Tolkien grew up in the English hamlet of Sarehole, just outside of Birmingham.

His childhood in a rural community, shown below, played a critical role in developing not only Tolkien’s love of nature but also his sense of responsibility for protecting it.

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