middleearthmarchmadness14-verticalThe second round of the 2014 edition of Middle-earth March Madness mostly saw sweeping victories for those who moved through into the third round — except in one extremely close-fought vote.

Voting for Round Three is now open below. Here are the match-ups!



In the Lonely Mountain Bracket it was easy-going for all the victors (we especially thought Gollum might have posted more of a threat to Treebeard) but now it gets tough for the remaining four.

(16)Elrond versus (13)Treebeard is sure to prove interesting as wisdom is pit against wisdom, but the key match-up is surely (6)Aragorn and (10)Frodo’s contest. Ringbearer versus Rightful King, but only one can go through here! Who will you vote for?


Two elves, a hobbit and one of the great heirlooms of the house of Elendil took honours in the Bag End Bracket.

(13)Andúril, Flame of the West, surely has an uphill battle against “the littlest Hobbit of them all,” (1)Bilbo, while (3)Galadriel versus (2)Thranduil will be a fascinating match-up. Galadriel is a perennial end-game contender in March Madness, drawing the support of many — a whopping 78.29% against Radagast is proof of that. However, her opponent in this round, Thranduil, boasts some of the highest cheekbones and sparkliest frocks in Middle-earth.

Can Team Sparkle Sparkle do it? It’s going to be tough, but I’m throwing my vote behind Thranduil. Go Team Sparkle Sparkle!



The Erebor Bracket contained the only truly close contest of the second round, with the (10)Witch-king of Angmar doing just enough to squeeze the Skin-changer Beorn out of the contest. We think that means that the chief of the Nazgul might experience a tough battle to garner enough votes to overwhelm (3)The One Ring. Wiki might end up bound in the darkness. Again.

In the other round three contest in this bracket, the ultimate Enemy of Middle-earth, (5)Morgoth, is going to somehow overcome the RA Army in order to put (1)Thorin Oakenshield in his place. Tough ask we reckon, but who knows what dastardly tactics Morgoth might employ…


Two previous Middle-earth March Madness victors are edging ever closer to a massive confrontation. However, (1)Gandalf first must defeat the ever-popular (13)Faramir while (10)Samwise Gamgee faces down his compatriot, (14)Legolas. While surely strong favourites to go through, for either to take things for granted would be to cast away reason for madness.

Happy voting!

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The Lonely Mountain – Round 3
March 25th – March 27th 2014

Bag End – Round 3
March 25th – March 27th 2014

Erebor – Round 3
March 25th – March 27th 2014

Mirkwood – Round 3
March 25th – March 27th 2014