2014Bracket2Middle-earth March Madness continues! The competition is going strong, as your favourite Middle-earth characters (and objects!) battle to make it through to Round 3. Today is your last chance to vote in the second round – who will survive?

In the Lonely Mountain bracket, Aragorn and Elrond both look like they’ll have quite comfortable victories (over the Balrog of Moria, and Fingolfin, respectively); it’s a little closer between Treebeard and Gollum, though it looks like the Ent will overcome the tricksy one.  Much tighter is the contest between Frodo Baggins and Bard; Frodo is on top at the moment, but there’s still time for Bard to make a late comeback! Vote now if you want the Bowman to stay in the competition!

The Bag End bracket doesn’t have any particularly close calls at the moment; it seems the Black Arrow is no match for Anduril, Flame of the West, and poor Glorfindel looks like he’ll be out of the contest as well as out of the movies, as Bilbo is currently on the road to victory over the elf.

The Erebor bracket contains the closest struggle right now; it’s almost 50/50 between the skin changer and the wraith! Beorn and the Witch-king of Angmar are locked in a fierce battle – who will triumph? The decision could be in your hands – add your vote!

Finally in the Mirkwood bracket, it looks like it may be the end for the red haired elf! Samwise Gamgee is currently well in the lead over Tauriel; it is her fight, but it may be her LAST fight in this year’s March Madness.  Make your voice heard if you want to save the woodland warrior.

Round 3 will be up tomorrow – who will still be in the running to be this year’s Middle-earth March Madness Champion?  It’s in your hands – click here to vote before Round 2 closes.