Wild Things Dom Monaghan season 2Dominic Monaghan’s second season of his successful adventures pursuing the curious and often dangerous creatures of the world premiers Tuesday, March 25th at 10 o’clock pm Eastern Time on BBC America.

Season 2’s “Wild Things: Back Into the Wild” finds Dom not only host but Executive Producer.  See a full description of the show here.

Dom’s fascination with the Wild Things of the world has, once again, taken him around the globe as he blends his investigation with education.  His deep respect for these creatures as he goes one-on-one with them in their own habitat is always fascinating and at times gripping as some of these encounters become quite perilous.  Dom’s enthusiasm is contagious as he literally takes the viewer along in pursuit of these elusive inhabitants of nature.

In one of this season’s shows, Dom has a companion on his Quest.  Billy Boyd will be joining Dom in New Zealand as they search for the giant wetapunga.  They eventually find themselves visiting Hobbiton!

Check your local listings for showtimes.  BBC America is very good about repeated broadcasts throughout the week.