Continuing on from our post earlier today about the Home Video release of the Theatrical Edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, here’s some further information we’ve gathered about different versions which will be available around the world.

In the UK, where the release happens on April 7th (one day earlier than anywhere else!) it looks like there will be the same editions available as will be in the US – namely Blu-ray 3D combo pack (£18.00), Blu-ray combo pack (£16.50) and DVD (£14.50).  It seems likely there will also be a Collector’s Edition in the UK – most likely those same Noble Collection Dwarven bookends – but we don’t have exact details on that yet.

In Mexico, where the release date is April 8th, there are some very cool editions. The official press releases says that there will be the Limited Edition Collector’s version (with the Dwarven bookends), but also a Special Edition ‘Steelbook’ Blu-ray and a pretty sweet ‘Lego Legolas’ (is there an echo in here?) Blu-ray boxset:



So much goodness! We’ll bring you more info as and when we have it, about the various editions which will be out there all over the world!  Watch this space…