DOS dragon eye posterWe have just under a week until Tolkien fans around the world will pile into theaters for their first glimpse of the Chiefest of all Calamities, Smaug himself, along with Beorn, the giant spiders, and the treasures of Erebor. We set up Line Parties so that fans can arrange to see the movie with fellow fans, both friends known and friends yet to be met. But we’ve apparently had some Goblins get into our servers and create a bit of havoc with the Line Party pages, so we have a couple work around options.


Not all of the Lines are posting in the public ‘Community’ area set up for them, you are only seeing 10 events at a time. All current Lines will be listed at the end of this story. And instead of being interactive, people have not been able to select the ‘Join Now’ button, so we have been encouraging Line Party Leaders to include a Facebook Event page, but not everyone is on facebook. You can still use the program to create a new Line Party yourself, or if you encounter problems, email me at and I’ll help you get started. If you email me to ask that I help create the line party for you, I will need the Full name and address of the theater, the start time and date of the event (is it Thursday midnight screening or on a Friday evening or Saturday matinee?). A Facebook Event link would also be really helpful.


Here comes the list of currently existing Line Parties. If you see one near you that you might like to attend, click the link to get the address and start time and hopefully there is a Facebook event page for you to reach out to your Line Party Leader. If you don’t see a Line Party near you, why not start one yourself? And while I am talking about that, where are our International Line Parties this year? Come on London, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia, why not jump in and put up some Line Parties in your area?  Current Line Party Leaders, if you need help editing or updating your Line listing, drop me a note.

List of Line Parties


TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood CA – December 12, 6pm start


Arclight Hollywood, CA – Cinerama Dome – December 12, 7pm start


Happy Hobbit DOS Line Party, Scott’s Valley CineLux, CA – December 12, 5pm start


Portland area line party, Bridgeport Regal, Tigard OR – December 12, 7pm start


Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, Irvine CA – December 12, 6pm start


AMC NorthPark 15, Dallas TX – December 12, 6pm start


AMC Concord Mills 24, Concord NC – December 12, 6pm start


AMC Empire 25, Times Square, New York NY – December 12, 11:59pm start


Superstition Springs 25, Mesa AZ – December 12, 11:59pm start


UEC Theaters 14, Cleveland TN – December 12, 11:59pm start


Galaxy Theatres, Tulare CA – December 13, 11:30am start (online giveaway)


Cinema West, Mason City IA – December 12, 11pm start


Regal Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX, Silver Spring MD – December 12, 7pm start


Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 16, Atlanta GA – December 12, 8pm start


MGN Five Star Cinema, Glendale CA – December 12, 8pm


AMC Veterans 24, Town & Country FL – December 12, 8pm start


Ashland Street Cinema, Ashland OR – December 12, 8:30pm start

Cinemark Valley View, Valley View OH – December 12, 9pm start


AMC Loews, West Nyack NY- December 12, 9:15pm start


Boston AMC Loews Downtown, Boston MA – December 12, 10pm start


AMC Showplace 12, Bloomington IN – December 12, 10pm start


Rave Motion Pictures at Milford Post Mall, Milford CT – December 12, 10pm start